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Duvallier Antique Silver

Dublin Ireland
353 87 2535313
L.&W. Duvallier has over 20 years experience in buying and selling Irish Georgian Silver. The founder's father Gerald Crofton was a well known collector of Irish Provincial silver who dragged his son, William to antique fairs and auctions from an early age. His father's maxim's that "a good antique dealer should make a living and not a killing " and that " the day you buy is the day you sell " have been the two main fundamentals adopted by Duvallier's.

L.&W. Duallier are based in Dublin and exhibit at the major Irish fairs and are available by appointment only. Duvallier's prides itself on sourcing and selling silver of quality to collectors. We also sell to institutions and museums (Cork Museum, Limerick Museum, etc) who share our passion for fine Irish silver.

Passion and not investment should be the determining factor in buying antiques. Part of the return one gets is from the enjoyment of owning the items and if they increase in value all the better.