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Martin Fennelly

60 Francis Street, Dublin 8, Ireland
01 4731126

If You reside in America Canada Australia or anywhere outside the European Union - You do not pay the Irish Value Added Tax on Antiques and as a result 13.5% is reduced from the Ticket Price of Any Item prior to a deal !!!

Specialist Dealer located in Dublin Ireland selling a premier assortment of fine Irish Antiques to include a wide collection of fine early Furniture and related items Writing Slopes, Tea Caddies, Jewellery Caskets and further small related wooden items.

We also specialise in Pairs of vintage electric stocking perhaps the finest selection available in Ireland in Gilt Mirrors in an abundance of dimensions are always available as well as fine quality Chandeliers Ceiling Lights and Lanterns.

We source our inventory from all round Europe and within Ireland. We are fortunate to have skilled craftsmen available within the Francis Street area, all of whom can restore a piece back to its original beauty when, on occasion, time and neglect has blemished it. We also use some of London’s finest Gilders and Metal restorers available.

Martin Fennelly Antiques is at No.60 Francis Street. This area of Dublin is where the majority of fine Antique Shops are located and is a short distance from most major hotels. I never take part in expensive Antique Fairs, in this way i can offer our clients continued exceptional service and value.

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When you have finish browsing and made your selection, just click on our contact link ask us questions if you are unsure of any detail. We will be delighted to help, even send you more images. Choose your payment from the ways listed below. We ship all purchases in a few days, by the way we like to get FEEDBACK so we can post your comments on our TESTOMINIALS. Client’s names are never published.

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