Gallery Details

Balla Bán Art Gallery

Westbury Mall, Dublin 2
087 6622234
Balla Bán (which is the Irish for ‘white wall’) is a Fine Art Gallery is situated in a lucrative area of Westbury Hotel, just off the Grafton street and around the corner of Bewley’s Café. For its great location, in the very hearth of Dublin, The gallery is getting more and more recognition in arts sector.

The Gallery has been set up by Irish artist, Frank O’Dea, in 2009 to provide quality, diverse and affordable works of art from both emerging and established contemporary Irish and European artists.

The Gallery features a wide range of Art to suit every taste and pocket and Artist on display include Graham Knuttel, Markey Robinson, Frank O’Dea, John Skelton, Norman Teeling, Terry Bradley, Roy Wallace, Annie Robinson, Peter Dee, William Hulhall, Tom Byrne, Brian McCarthy , Piet Sluis, John Morris, Jonathan Knuttel, Mark Baker, FINK, Jonathan Barry, Anton Rittiner, T.C Murphy, J P Rooney, and many others.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 5:30pm.

Please feel free to drop in anytime to have a look and ask questions about any of the artists on display. Prices start from as little as €25. Drop in for a coffee and a little browse in Ireland’s smallest art gallery!